Custom Newsletter Addresses

by Ben Ubois

There’s a few new features for your newsletter address.

  1. Create unlimited addresses. First up, you can now create newsletter addresses. There’s a couple reasons you might want to do this:
    • Automatic categorization with a different default tag.
    • To prevent spam. More on this later.

    If you’re familiar with Apple’s Hide My Email or Fastmail’s Masked Email, then it’s like that, but for your newsletters.

  2. Customizable addresses. You can now choose a custom prefix for your address. This can help with making something more memorable or as a note to yourself what the address was created for.

  3. A new domain. All Feedbin newsletter addresses now use an domain. This was changed because it’s much shorter and nicer looking. Newsletters addressed to will continue to work too.

There is an unfortunate reality of email newsletters. Since running a fairly large inbound email service, it’s come to my attention that newsletter addresses accidentally leak (or get sold?) to spammers. To combat this, you can now deactivate an address entirely. I consider it good email hygiene to use a unique address for every newsletter you sign up for.

There’s a couple ways to do this:

  1. Generate a custom (or random address) on the website.
  2. Use a “plus hack”. Say you have the email address You can also receive newsletters at or This way you don’t have to create a new address ahead of time. If this address ever gets out, you can disable it entirely.