Fixable Feeds

by Ben Ubois

There’s a new set of features available on Feedbin with the goal of helping you find and fix broken feeds.

A fairly common reason for a feed breaking is when a publisher moves their feed, but does not redirect the old one to the new location.

Feedbin continuously monitors feed health and is now able to use this data to see if a healthy alternative exists.

For example a feed I subscribe to moved. Visiting the old one results in a “404 Not Found” error. Feedbin was able to detect that they still advertise feeds on their website and offers the option of replacing the broken one.

Visit your subscriptions page to get started. There will be a notice at the top of the page if Feedbin has detected any broken feeds it can help with.

This same feature can also help with OPML imports. For example if your OPML file includes an outdated link, Feedbin will automatically check for working alternatives.