Push Notifications for All Browsers

by Ben Ubois

Feedbin has long supported sending yourself a push notification from an Action. Previously this was available in Safari only. However as of Safari 16, most browsers support the standard Push API, so Feedbin now uses this for notifications. This makes the feature more widely available.

Push notifications can be intrusive, so why support them at all? I think Feedbin is in a unique position to get you exactly the notifications you want. A website that offers notifications will likely send you a notification for everything that is published, but with Feedbin you can narrow this down to a single source or search.

It also enables notifications for any website with an RSS feed, not just the sites that implement notifications.

Here’s how to set it up:

  • Create an Action.
  • Switch on the option to “Send a Push Notification.”
  • Click the link to “Enable push notifications” below the switch.