The Plan for Twitter

by Ben Ubois

A lot of customers have asked about the future of Twitter support in Feedbin. Even with today’s update there’s still not enough information to make a decision.

Feedbin’s priority is to keep the stuff that you subscribe to up-to-date, so the plan is to continue to use the API. However, it also depends on what the price ends up being:

  • If it’s cheap, Feedbin will just pay the fee and everything will continue as usual.
  • If it’s expensive, Twitter support could be available as a paid feature.
  • If it’s very expensive, say to the point where the paid upgrade price would cost more than a Feedbin subscription, Twitter support will likely be removed.

Finally, it’s unclear to me if Feedbin is even a valid product category according to the new rules. All this does not matter if they decide to revoke Feedbin’s access.

As I write this, Feedbin can’t connect to Twitter’s API. It returns a “Too many requests” error for every attempt. It looks more like a bug based on the other wide-spread Twitter issues from the last few days.