Mastodon & Microposts

by Ben Ubois

Feedbin has some new features for your Mastodon reading pleasure.

Mastodon supports RSS. However, RSS auto-discovery has been broken on the latest Mastodon release for some time. To remedy this situation, Feedbin will do some extra work to help determine where the RSS feed is. With this in place, all you have to do to subscribe is enter the URL for a user like

Next is the format. Mastodon gets the same great treatment as all short and title-less posts in Feedbin, just like Twitter and The great thing about this is that there’s nothing actually Mastodon-specific here. Any RSS feed can be styled this way.

If a Mastodon post includes a link to a YouTube video or other media, Feedbin will expand the embed right the in the content area. Posts with links will also show the full extracted content and a nice card preview where available.

To round out the support, Feedbin now has the ability to post directly to your Mastodon account, with a new built-in sharing service. It will even pre-fill the post with the title and URL of the currently selected article. You can enable this in the Share & Save section of settings.